Keto MilkShake

Obvioulsy you can’t just go to your favorite drive thru and order a milkshake. But that’s ok because this one will make you forget all about those. This delicacy is a must. Whether it’s a mid day snack or late night munchie, it has a perfect macro and the calories won’t blow you away at all. And it’s simple with only 2 needed ingredients that you don’t have to prepare.


  • Atkins Milk Chocolate Delight protein shake (these are perfectly balanced. you get them at Walmart and they are only $4.98 for a 4 pack)
  • Ice Cubes

Yeah, really, that’s it. Of course, you can add things like Keto approved chocolate chips if you want or maybe a Keto cookie, just watch your calories.


In your blender or mix cup, add your ice cubes. Fill with the protein shake. Blend until smooth. If you want thicker, add more ice. Thinner, add more shake or reduce the ice next time.

It’s that simple. Now go make one and enjoy!

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