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Key Nutrients

What I use from them are their exogenous ketones and their electrolytes. They are the best tasting and reasonably priced. Also, I’ve done my own research comparing them to Pruvit ketones. They are both great ketones but the Key Nutrients ketones put me into ketosis faster and deeper. And, half of the cost at that. I’ll get into how ketones can help you on your journey in a blog post. Ultimately, they aren’t required to be successful on the Keto diet, they just help you along.

My favorite ketones: Strawberry Lemonade –

Another great ketone: Lemon Lime Sherbert –

Electrolytes are a must. You naturally dump all of your bodies electrolytes and you need an effective replacement. Key Nutrients electrolytes taste great and get the job done.

Here you can find all products they sell. Maybe there’s another flavor that peaks your intrests :