Keto Baked Potato (Fake Potato)

Do you miss having a baked potato? I did, all of the time. Well, not anymore. This Keto Fake-Potato will meet any need you have and tastes just like you’re eating a baked potato. You can simply add whatever Keto ingredients you want to dress your fake-potato. Tonight, we re-purposed our Keto coconut air fried shrimp from 2 nights ago. Did I mention that this is low calorie as well? What you see on my plate is 565 calories!!

As pictured ingredients:

Cauliflower pearls or florets – 1 cup; 2 tbs grass fed butter; 2 tbs Daisy sour cream; 2 tbs bacon crumbles; 2 tbs Tillamook natural shredded cheese; 8 Keto coconut air fried shrimp (see previous post on Keto Coconut Air Fried Shrimp)


Boil/steam your cauliflower. If you use whole florets, I like to use the microwave for 8 minutes, in a bowl, covered in saran wrap. Perfectly tender every time. In this instance, we used the pearls and cooked them stove-top. Once tender, drain any water and plate. Add the amount of butter you want to use, bacon crumbles, sour cream, shredded cheese, and shrimp (or any protein, or no protein). Add some salt and pepper and enjoy!

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