Keto Guru Chicken and Chaffles

Your eyes don’t deceive you. One of the favorites, chicken and waffles, has been converted to Chicken and Chaffles! This meal was incredibly good and even surprised me. It all starts with a white bread chaffle, pecan crusted air fried chicken, Keto syrup, and some Keto confectioners sugar. Get ready for a flavor explosion, and it’s only 2 net carbs. Yeah, I said 2!!!!

Ingredients (2 chaffles, 2 chicken)


1 egg; 3 tbs almond flour; 1 tbs sour cream; 1 tsp water; 1/4 tsp baking powder; cinnamon

Pecan crusted chicken:

2 Chicken tenders; egg wash; chopped pecans; seasonings of choice

Topped with:

2 tbs of butter; 3 tbs Lankanto Keto maple syrup; 1 tbs Swerve confectioners sugar



In a bowl, beat your egg 1st. Then add your sour cream, water, baking powder, and cinnamon. Mix well before finally adding your almond flour. In your pre-heated waffle maker, add batter and cook until it stops steaming.

Pecan crusted chicken:

Beat an egg in a bowl for your egg wash. Crush your pecans using a chopper. I tried 1/2 in my mixer but it made the pecans like a butter. The using the chopper was way better. Dip your chicken tender in the egg and coat both sides in the crushed pecans and then season well. Fill your pre-heated air fryer with your chicken and air fry at 400 for 12 minutes, flipping halfway.

Plate your chaffle, add your butter. Put your tenders on top and then add your Keto syrup. Sprinkle the top with your confectioners sugar and enjoy!

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